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Today Fox released a teaser for season 6 of Glee and Rachel and Kurt is returning to McKinley to start up the Glee club again.

Here is the teaser:

And here is a different teaser:

So what do we see in the trailer?

Rachel and Kurt is bringing the Glee Club back from the dead and Sue isn't happy about it.

Rachel is singing "Let it go" from Frozen. A funny fact is that Rachel's mom (Idina Menzel) is singing the original version of it.

The Warblers are back, and their leader is Blaine?

Santana showing us her moves
Santana showing us her moves

The new cheerleading coaches is Santana and Brittany?

A new New Directions

And Rachel get to take over Will's old office and job.


So what did you think about the teaser?


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