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New Lego sets are going to hit the shops in the Spring and six of those are going to be Avengers: Age of Ultron related! Thanks to the leaked german LEGO catalog for 2015 we now know tons more about those sets and they may reveal some plotpoints and key players in the new Avengers movie. I will try to put them in the possible chronological order that the movie will have.

76030 Duel with Hydra

The first one will probably be the duel with Hydra: we already know that the first scenes of the movie will probably be the Avengers attacking Baron Von Struker fortress. The set will come with Thor, Hawkeye (new look and exclusive to this set) and an Hydra soldier. It will also have two different vehicles one of Hydra and one of the Avengers, but I would not take for granted that they will look like this in [The Avengers: Age Of Ultron](movie:293035) or even be in it.

76041 Burglary at the Hydra Fortress

This one will probably take place nearly at the same time of the first one. It will feature Hulk (new look), Captain America (new look), Quicksilver (new fig and exclusive to this set), Baron Von Strucker (new fig and exclusive to this set) and an Hydra soldier. It will also have an Hydra tank and the fortress gate. This set may tell us something important: 1. the Avengers are going after the scepter and they will retrive it in the first part of the movie; 2. we may see Quicksilver pretty soon in the movie, but at this point he'll probably still fight against the Avengers.

76038 Attack on Avengers Tower

The third one will probably be the attack on the Avengers tower: as we know, after their mission against Hydra, the team will come back to the tower and have a party (the one in which they'll try to lift Mjolnir) and this is when Ultron will manifest for the first time. The set will include Thor, Iron Man MK 43, first Ultron and some Iron Legion armors (possibly part of Tony's plans to bring security to the world) probably under Ultron's control. What this set tells us is that: 1. Ultron will use some Iron Legion armors as his first "accomplices"; 2. Ultron and the armors will take the scepter (yeah, the one the Avengers got in the Burglary at the Hydra Fortress one).

76031 Hulkbuster Rescue Mission

The next one will probably be the Hulkbuster rescue mission, in which Hulk and the Hulkbuster armor will go toe to toe, and judging by the title Hulk will be the "bad guy" of the fight. The set will include Iron Man MK 43 (inside Hulkbuster, confirmed); Hulk (new look); Scarlet Witch (new fig and exclusive to this set) and Ultron Prime (new fig and exclusive to this set). From this set we get that: 1. Scarlet Witch may still work for Ultron at this point in Avengers 2 and her Hex powers may be behind the "bad Hulk" situation; 2. Ultron might be present during the fight and won't have his last form yet (this one resembles the Ultron from the one from the Entertainment cover).

Ultron "Prime" from the cover of Entertainment
Ultron "Prime" from the cover of Entertainment

76032 The Avengers Quinjet Chase

The fifth one will probably be the Avengers Quinjet Chase, in which (by judging from the image) the Avengers will free Vision from Ultron. The set will include Iron Man MK 43, Captain America (new look), Black Widow (new look and exclusive to this set), Vision and Ultimate Ultron (new fig and exclusive to this set). It will also have the new Avengers Quinjet, Cap's motorcycle and a van. This set might tell us that: 1. Ultron will probably create Vision (just like in the comics); 2. Ultron at this point of the movie will have his last and "Ultimate" form, that from the image looks like the one at the end of the trailer

"Ultimate" Ultron from the trailer
"Ultimate" Ultron from the trailer

76029 Iron Man vs. Ultron

And last but surely not least is the Iron Man vs Ultron set. I really don't know when this one will be in Avengers 2, but I put it in last because of the Iron Man armor: it is a new one and different from the MK 43 and it's called MK 45. So, aside from the upgraded MK 42 (MK 43) and the Hulkbuster (MK 44), we will get a third armor, that, by judging from the image, looks tremendously close (aside from the round arc reactor) to the Extremis armor from the comics and it might be, since Joss Whedon doesn't like the triangle arc reactor (in an interview for the first movie he said: "Marvel said, 'We like to see the suits evolve,' and I said, 'Great! Then you're going back to the circle because the triangle is ass'. I'm a classicist. The circle has meaning, the triangle does not.").

Extremis armor
Extremis armor

I put this set at the end as I'm guessing that Tony will use the new armor in the final big fight, just like he did in the first movie. Other then the MK 45, the set will feature two Sub-Ultron soldiers (new fig) and a Sub-Ultron Officer (new fig and exclusive to this set).

If all the news from the LEGO sets are true it will be one hell of a movie, still take this with great salt as the sets based on the first Avengers movie weren't THAT accurate (for example they had Iron Man in the Loki escape at the beginning of the movie, probably for a commercial point of view, but the point still stays).

So what do you think of this news, guys?


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