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The past of every monster from horror films hides the secret of its evil origins. Where do the darkest heroes come from ? What ancient magic resides in them ? The "Horror Genesis" collection explores these stories from a poetic point of view. More pictures are to come on

There is something about watercolors that brings out the hard soft madness of the first movie monsters dreams. There is a shock that comes when the viewer realizes that the monster no longer desires to dream of death but to become death itself. Jeremy Pailler's watercolor nightmares have caught that moment perfectly.

Jérémy Pailler is a french illustrator and animation filmmaker. His first animated short film, Gerdas Vej, has been screened in multiple film festivals in the world and won prizes from Venezuela and the United States. He proposes a singular mix between his practice of ink painting and his taste for animated narrative forms. He also works on a fine art PHD in a laboratory in Toulouse. He lives in Limoges where he works as an independent illustrator and graphic designer for the past two years.

You can see more of Jeremy Paillers art at his behance page.

Cujo remembers the time before the rabies occurred

Freddy recalls the first nightmare

Demons recall their first victory over angels

Innocents remember the first broken dream

Jason recalls the drowning

Lubdan the Leprechaun recalls the first rainbow

Pinhead origins recalled

The blob remembers its space origins

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Which of these horrific watercolors is your favorite?

Source: Behance


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