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With Marvel fighting for their film rights to take Spider-Man back, rumors and ideas are flowing through the internet like crazy! Let's just assume Marvel will get Spider-Man back from Sony. Questions as to what Marvel will do with Spidey once they get him back have been raised. Will they introduce him right away? Will Andrew Garfield continue his role as Peter Parker? Will he get his own movie? Will that movie be an origin story?

I have a theory as to how they could introduce Spider-Man into the current MCU. It relates to the current Spider-Man event going on in comics right now - "The Edge of the Spider-Verse." In this storyline, all of the Spider-people from various dimensions are under attack by a group of super-powered "vampires" who feed not on blood but on the life force of Spider-people. When I say Spider-people, I mean Spider-Man, clones of Spider-Man, Spider-Women, Spider-Pig, Spider-Monkey, Ultimates Universe Spider-Man, any version or variation of Spider-Man that has appeared in comics has recently been making a re-appearance.


Though this is a brand new comic, it may be the perfect way to introduce Spider-Man into our current MCU! We've seen enough origin stories for Spider-Man! We all know he was bitten by a mutated or radioactive spider and got spider like powers from it. We don't need to see it again!

However, if Marvel does just insert Spider-Man into the MCU without an origin, the question arises, "Where was Spider-Man during the events of Avengers 1?" Peter Parker has always been New York City's most loyal hero, swinging from building to building and always saving the day. Why would he just let aliens attack and not join up with the Avengers? Simple answer, he wasn't there!

Where was he? Leading an army of Spider-people to war with a powerful enemy who can cross time and space into other dimensions!


So during the events of the Avengers and the following movies Peter Parker is off in other dimensions fighting a villain powerful super-villain. I don't know that Marvel would use the Inheritors (the villains from the comics) but they could very well find another villain or group of villains who've mastered trans-dimensional travel. There's plenty of characters who can jump from one reality to another, using time and space as tools at their disposal. Who exactly would they choose? There's one villain that stands above the rest and holds real weight in the Marvel comics universe.


Thats right! Kang the Conqueror! A villain with power rivaling that of even the mighty Thanos! This is a great possibility to introduce Kang and keep him around for after Marvels [The Avengers: Infinity War](movie:738027) Parts 1 & 2. Kang is a time traveler from the far future, and basically rules most of the universe in that future. He sits on a massive throne like chair which allows him to travel through space and time.

Why would Kang come from his far future to our time? Kang sometimes detects anomalies in the time stream, and goes wherever he wants to go in time to fix said anomalies. What could have happened in our time before the Avengers in 2012 that would attract a guy like Kang?

The man out of TIME!!!!!
The man out of TIME!!!!!

Captain America thats what! Kang believes Captain America should have died back in WW2, and when Steve Rogers is unfrozen and comes back to the land of the living, Kang detects it and goes on a mission into the past to find and kill Captain America.

Let's say Spider-Man got his powers around the time of Iron Man 2, and after a few short months of crime fighting was recruited by SHIELD. Agent Coulson was going around finding Avengers candidates was he not? Nick Fury may have gotten wind of a certain wall crawler and sent Coulson to go get him. SHIELD trains Spider-Man, sends him out on missions, and keeps his identity a secret.

The day Cap is resurrected, Kang arrives and attacks! Nick Fury sends Spider-Man out to try and stop him from taking the still frozen Captain America. Kang and Spider-Man fight, resulting in Spider-Man dodging all of Kangs attacks due to his awesome Spidey-sense. In the battle, Spider-Man likely sabotages Kangs chair, fidgeting with its controls. This results in Kang and Spider-Man being blasted across the multi-verse. Kang now feels he has to kill Spider-Man and his army in order to restore balance to his timeline. Nick Fury also feels enormous guilt, thinking he may have sent Spider-Man to his death.

This fight could be just days before Captain America wakes up. Following Steve Rogers' return, the events of Avengers and Marvels' Phase 2 take place, all the while our Spider-Man has been hurtling through other dimensions, where he begins teaming up with other versions of himself to take down Kang and come back home.

Steve- "Woah". Nick- "I KNOW RIGHT!?"
Steve- "Woah". Nick- "I KNOW RIGHT!?"

But if Spider-Man is traveling across other dimensions fighting Kang, how does he get back? Well, theres at least 2 ways for him to return. One way is he fights Kang and gets use of his chair again. That's too simple though. I feel like theres a new character joining the MCU soon who can help with getting Spider-Man back...

Doctor Strange!
Doctor Strange!

Doctor Strange comes into the MCU, opening up a whole new magical aspect to it. The possibilities are endless, and this includes parallel dimensions. I could very well imagine Strange gaining his powers, fighting and beating his villain (who has yet to be named), and saving the day. After the movie in the after credits scene, Nick Fury approaches Doctor Strange about reaching across the multiverse to pull Spider-Man back into our dimension. Just imagine the awesome scene, akin to the Iron Man 1 after credits with Nick Fury.

Strange- "I already said I wouldn't join your band of misfit heroes, Fury."

Fury- "No this is different. I need a favor. A friend of mine is in trouble."

Strange- "I didn't think Nick Fury had friends."

Fury- "Well this friend is trapped in another Universe, and its my fault. I thought with your specific power set, you could maybe bring him back?"

Strange- "And who may I ask am I searching for?"

(Close up of Nick Fury. Pause for dramatic effect!)

Fury- "Spider-Man."


This idea opens ALL the Spider related doors that have been closed off to Marvel because of Sony owning the rights to all Spider characters. The multiple universes and various versions of Spider-Man also gives Marvel the chance to introduce a whole bunch of important Spider characters at once. It also ties Spider-Man in with the events of our MCU, even though he wasn't on screen for any of it.

Now if this theory were true Peter Parker would miss the events of the Avengers, Phase 2, and a bit of Phase 3, but he would then return to our universe! Our Marvel Cinematic Universe!

Did you get the chills when you read that last part? I did. And I wrote it!

Whether or not Andrew Garfield is involved in Marvels version of Spider-Man, I cannot say. Though my theory wouldn't make as much sense if Sony's story was kept.


Do you think Spider-Man should get another origin story, or just get thrown right in there with the Avengers?


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