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Izzy Wizzy

I finally got Professor McGonagll's Wand i have been looking forward to getting hers after i gotten Professor Dumbledore's.

This wand is about the same size of his so it comes out to be close to 15 inch's as well.

It has some sort of crystal on the end of the wand i know she had it on in the movie it's just very hard to see.

The crystal however is a really hard plastic but you really can't tell.

The wand it self is also heavy it's so cool holding it in my hand and yes if you ever get any of the wands you might find your self shooting spells the first spell i thought of was Aguamenti it will shoot water out of your wand or at least that what it does in the movies lol

The design of the wand is really nice it doesn't feel cheap at all it really feels to me that i'm getting my moneys worth out of it every time i pick it up.

Overall i would say this is well worth the money and it is truly amazing to have in your collection.

This wand retails for $28.50 which is pretty cheap if you ask me but when you trying to pick of all of the wands it starts to add up very fast.


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