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After waiting a couple of weeks it has finally come professor Snape's wand out of the three i have now this is probably the second best of the three in my collection so far.

His wand is much smaller then professor Albus Dumbledore's &Professor McGonagll's.

I do love his design it is just plain black with some detail but just a little his wand is simple which makes it special out of the three and the fact that his is the shortest from the other two.

Just like the other wand you get a metal name clip which is always good for someone who doesn't know their wands.

Snape's is also isn't heavy it's really easy to hold and i can see why it would be so easy casting spells while using this wand mostly because of it's size it doesn't get in the way of things unlike some wands that are 15 inchs long but it really doesn't matter.

This wand retails for $28.50 their is a second version it's pretty much the same but you don't get the metal clip you just get a nicer box with a color blanket & a paper basically telling you what wand you have.

Which is a pretty good idea but the fact is that one goes for $35.00 which isn't all that cheap.

I can understand $28.50 but pay that plus their might be shipping with the wand depends on where you are buying it from.


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