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A lot of the time, graffiti, or street art, gets a bad rap. This is especially the case when it has inappropriate content or gang-related messaging of some sort. Enter Harry Potter-inspired graffiti. Some would equate the cult-like behavior of some Harry Potter fans to that of a gang, but of course this gang would be a gang of amazing fans of the Wizarding World who just want the world to be a better, more magical place. And who wish Hogwarts were their alma mater.

We've also seen legitimate artists like Banksy use different cities' structures as a beautiful canvas for some great stuff. So, what does Harry Potter graffiti look like?

'The Boy Who Lived' now lives on this wall

This is presumably a young Harry, wide-eyed and bushy tailed, just making his way to Hogwarts for the first time. It looks like he's taking it all in.

More low-key version of Harry's scar and glasses

This is a really cool little piece. It's incredibly subtle. It looks like someone could duplicate this fairly easily. This is an example of a true "tag".

A red Harry

The artistry here is great. You can quickly glance at this wall and fail to notice this is Potter. But upon further inspection, you can see that you almost missed out on something great.

Harry and friends

I am particularly a fan of Hedwig and Dobby in this one. Very dark and mysterious background, too. Awesome!

Harry Potter casually "Avada Kedavra"-ing somebody

Harry has a pretty smug look on his face here considering he is about to end someone. Cool tag, though!

Peter Pettigrew looking mischievous next to a rathole

This is great. I legitimately love this. They made Pettigrew's body the perfect size for this rathole. Nice teeth too!

Afro Harry

If you don't like Harry with an afro, you need to get your eyes checked. I mean just look - it's Harry. With an afro. Gold.

Picture of a perplexed Snape

This is awesome. Kinda looks like a Banksy piece. It looks like he's trying to figure out how many points to deduct from Gryffindor.

Just Ron

Simply put, this makes me happy. It's just Ron. Absolutely nothing more and nothing less. Kind of sums up Ron as a person - genuine, true to himself, and just all around sweet.

Snape and Lucius Malfoy looking mean

A pseudo-villain and an actually-terrible-seriously-eff-that-guy villain looking super stern here, with the actual real life artist in the middle of his craft. I think this is the coolest one, honestly. This could easily be the cover of a sick indie rock band's latest EP, too by the way.


What was your favorite piece of street art?

(via cityrag, BuzzFeed)


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