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As we gear up for the next installment of the epic Star Wars saga, fan art has been piling up in stride- and while most of it focuses on our new heroes, a good deal of the fan art we know of today came to be years before we even knew that Episode VII would officially happen.

While we have a pretty good idea of what Mark Hamill will look like in the film (he hasn't been shy about sporting his 'contractually obligated beard' while filming) we don't know what Luke Skywalker will be wearing, or what he'll be up to exactly, that hasn't stopped fans from speculating through fan art.

Master Skywalker by apneicmonkey

Luke approaches the camera on Tatooine, reflecting his father Anakin in rather dark ways: his face is scarred, and he seems to have Vader's entire right arm in place of his own. While his gear might look a little dark side, and his approach is a little ominous, Luke seems calm and collected.

Luke and Rey by darthtemoc

DarthTemoc has a series of really interesting photo manipulations involving [Star Wars: Episode VII — The Force Awakens](movie:711158) - this is one of my favorites, where Luke is in the middle of training our new heroine, Rey. A lot of people are drawing parallels between these two, including the fact that their primary Topps trading cards carry the same numbers.

A Jedi Master by Phil Noto

One of my favorite comic book artists has already created most of my favorite Star Wars fan art - including this gorgeous piece, depicting his idea of the Luke we'll see in Episode VII.

A Very Ben-Like Luke by Hal Hefner

Luke takes after his first master in this artwork by Hal Hefner, and is much more thin than other depictions of the character. I wouldn't be surprised if we see a lot of Obi-Wan in VII's Luke.

The Phantom Dome by Bunk2

Luke is so powerful in this artwork that not only does he have a pure white lightsaber that he doesn't need to carry - he also doesn't need hair!

Vintage Luke by messypandas

This awesome vintage-style artwork would make for a great poster!

Disney's Jedi Master by tskrening

Several people have drawn a Disneyfied Princess Leia (my new favorite Disney princess) but few have tackled her twin brother, Luke. A lot of this art depicts him on Tatooine, doesn't it?

The One That's Been Used in 5 Moviepilot Headers by saturnoarg

Easily the most popular of the bunch, saturnoarg's depiction of a dark Luke Skywalker leading a group of Sith has become almost iconic on our website. Now you have a source!


What do you hope will become of Luke in Episode VII?


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