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Restructure. Picking up the pieces and start the path to recovery. But with only two more episode to go, it seems that maybe this is the series way of giving us some hope for a second season?

It is just me feeling this light vibe of hope?

Allow me to explain why.

This episode even when continuing with the "will they/won't they" didn't move things forward for Henry and Eliza. After last week's episode, I would have expected to see their emotions going higher than before, but no. Instead, we got a good, funny episode that illustrated how they are reconstructing their friendship and nothing more. With only two more episodes shouldn't they be heating things up? Not cooling them down!

Now to the recap. In the new episode, the mood is quite chilling between Eliza and Henry. You can see she feels devastated, but she is trying to keep it together; in the most Eliza-way possible. This includes, ignoring Henry and when that doesn't work accuse Henry of stabbing her... while laying on the ground covered in ketchup.

But ignoring Henry is not the only problem Eliza has in this episode. Her bad habits have come to haunt her, and she faces enormous amount of debt and eviction from her apartment, due to multiple damages she has caused to the plumbing. Damage caused by flushing burgers and hosiery down the toilet. It turns out she’s broke, maxed out in debts, and for the time being, homeless.

Eliza really needs Henry’s help in this episode, but because Henry is now mad at her due to a poor review in his office performance (someone gave him an F.) She can't go to him for help. Instead, she checks-in into a Five Star hotel! Thanks to all the double reward points she has, she lives there for a little while.

However after all her points run out, she goes to crash at Henry’s office, and there Henry and Eliza start the path to reconciliation. He tells her she can stay in his place because apparently he is staying with Julia (spoiler: he’s not). She agrees and that night someone unexpectedly visits Henry’s place: Julia!

Eliza realizes Henry is not really with Julia, and that brings a smile to her face. While Julia remarks she is no surprised Henry is cozying it up in her delights.

Next day, Henry has fixed most of Eliza’s budget problems and has helped her organize her payments, bills, receipts and more, all in a gorgeous shade of pink.

However after this, Henry and Eliza are still platonic, but you can tell she is happy that he is not with Julia anymore. But... who will give the next step? Eliza is back with Freddy and even when Henry is not with Julia, he is not going after Eliza either! 'Come on Henry, you have to step up! Only two episodes left... unless... this is the series way of saying we are getting more!

Think about it, and join me in my delusion if you will.

With only two episodes left to conclude the series, this episode should have shown more interest from the main characters to get some resolution on their situation. But no, instead it all seemed very platonic from my point of view. Maybe we will get a second season! And the cliffhanger for these 13 episodes arc is that Henry will finally come to admit his feelings for Eliza, but she will start to move things forward with Freedy, because he genuinely seems to care for her.

What would it be? I can't wait!

And I can't believe that December 30th is the last episode we'll get of Selfie! I really don't want it to end. So please, join me in my delusion and support my theory that maybe this episode is paving the way for a second season! In the meantime keep pushing with the hashtag until we get some confirmation of more Selfie for us!


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