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Is there a new Nightwing already selected for the New Teen Titans live action show?!

For so long we have waited for the Teen Titans live action show and its finally got the green light from TNT with Akiva Goldsman writing the script. There have been multiple fan castings since the recent news and one thing that were beginning to see more and more of is that Nightwing may have already been cast!!!

The instagram, facebook page, and twitter of actor Nick Theurer have been getting a great deal of attention. The many posts and pictures all seem to further the possibility that the actor may be our new Nightwing.(Instagram , Facebook, Twitter).

Via Nick Theurer's Twitter
Via Nick Theurer's Twitter

Although the actor seems to not be an A list name, we have seen many upcoming films and TV shows reach for lesser known actors to fill these awesome roles including Cyborg in the new Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice. Filming for [Teen Titans](movie:731992) has been confirmed to begin sometime next year, so this casting could very well be true!

An insider report when asked what Nick Theurer things of the chance at playing the role he stated:

I've always been a huge Nightwing fan and see it as an honor to even be in the running for the role. Knowing how much this role means to the fans, it will be quite the task to live up to, but I've been training and preparing for a long time. I won't let the fans down.

Via Nick Theurer's Instagram
Via Nick Theurer's Instagram

Could we be looking at the new [Nightwing](movie:1069726) and leader of our long awaited Teen Titans?!


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