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Trevor CR TWolf Wolf

NOTE: If you have not seen all of The Clone Wars then do not read ahead. Unless you do not care and kind of get off on Star Wars Spoilers like I do then go right ahead and continue reading.

Now if you did not know the movies and The Clone Wars television show and movie are the only things that are part of Star Wars Canon since the acquisition of the property with Disney's purchase of LucasFilm.

Now that I have seen all 6 movies at least a hundred times a piece, and the Clone Wars series 3 times through and there are some things that I noticed The Clone Wars never really closed up and am curious to see if it was intentional or did they just not care due to Disney buying the rights and canceling the series? Another thing is, are they planning on using any of the plot points that were left open in the show in the new movies?

Now if you did not know the movies, Star Wars: Rebels and The Clone Wars television show and movie are the only things that are part of Star Wars Canon since the acquisition of the property with Disney's purchase of LucasFilm.

The following are the 2 biggest people that I find could most definitely be used in the new J.J. Abrams directed Star Wars 7, and the following films.

Ashoka Tano

Ashoka Tano
Ashoka Tano

If you have seen a single episode of TCW then you know who this little Shokti look alike is.

Ashoka was Anakin's first and only apprentice. We practically watched her grow up on the show from being a pain in Anakin's rear, to a great irreplaceable young Jedi. She was pretty much a Togruta version of him with out all of the emotional baggage and thirst for power that her master had.

Now the last time that we were able to see Ashoka Tano was at the end of the 5th Season. She was framed for murder and was on the run from the "Republic" and the Jedi. When eventually captured, she is brought to trial while Anakin is trying to find out who the real murderer was, turns out that Ani found that it was Ashoka's good friend Barriss Offee who had framed her and brought her into the trial just in time to save her from the verdict.

Now while she was on the run she was dispelled from the Jedi order, and after the trial Master Yoda asked if Ashoka wanted to return to the order which she declined feeling that if the Jedi Council could not trust her then she could not trust herself or them anymore and walked out of the Jedi Temple.

Since then she has not been seen other than in books but like I said earlier those are not cannon and are actually part of what is now called Star Wars legends which is everything that is not cannon.

So in her self inflicted exile where did she go? Did she go on to just help people on her own? Go back to her own planet? Do you think LucasFilm will include her in any of the movies, and if so would you be happy as hell about it? Let me know in the comments.

Darth Maul

Star Wars manifestation of pure evil, Darth Maul. Tell me you didn't have a nerdgasm the moment on Naboo when he ignited that second scarlet red blade of his lightsaber. Unfortunately our favorite sith assassin didn't make it past the first movie, so we thought, until season 4 episode 21 of The Clone Wars changed everything. Complete with his own custom opening title for the show, Savage Opress discovers Maul on some garbage dump of a world, torso attached to a mechanical arachnid body, maul had lost it not remembering who or what the hell happened.

Once Savage takes him to the Mother of the Nightsisters, Maul returns to old form, minus his really badass mechanical legs, he then goes all out to get the attention of Obi-Wan to exact his revenge for making him half the zabrak he used to be.

At the end of the series Maul and Savage end up in a battle with his former master Darth Sidious. Savage is killed fairly easily and Maul kneels and is told by his former master that "I still have plans for you". Afterwards we never see Maul again. Could he be still alive and training during the events of episodes 3-6 and finally make his appearance again in the new J.J. Abrams trilogy? Who would not flip holy hell if you saw his fiery red and yellow eyes and horned head show up again? Tell me what you think in the comments below.


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