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Well as we know the How To Train Your Dragon series has been coming up so well that it has been very claimed by the fans, but after we got How to train you dragon 2 there is actually one question that does not let me sleep and that question is "Are we getting [How to Train Your Dragon 3](movie:570818)?"

Well this is actually pretty clear we are getting How To Train Your Dragon 3 by confirmation of the head of Dreamworks animation that says that after the release of How To Train Your Dragon 3 we will have the fourth movie. DeBlois director of the animated movies explain that were having the saga still around Hiccup and his dragon Toothless but they hadn't gave details of what is the movie is going to be about and I hope we have no S$#& fan theories because this things actually ruined my like to the series due to a post saying that the main dragon was going to die.

That totally left me down but I got up like a men and confronted the reality after a 3 year expectation this is because an issue that eve DeBlois explained.

-"Its not so easy to deliver one of these movies, it takes at least three years to make them "

Thats the reason we got the second movie till this year since the first came out in 2010. My point about this movies is that I really like them they have lots of fun for all family both grown ups and children maybe its because of its story its a little childish but its got the great message of friendship, leadership and encouragement it really motivates me when I am a little depressed and also the soundtrack its really cool I love it specially the song "where no one goes" .

It actually is one of my favorite songs, so expectant more news of HTTYD 3 later on if you liked it well give me a like if not well IDGAF.


So do you really like HTTYD?


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