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You. Yes, you! I am going to make a (not so) wild guess here and say you are probably in love with [Frozen](movie:411685) and eternally suffer from what has been officially dubbed Frozen fever, the symptoms of which include but are not limited to the following: constantly belting out "Let It Go", furiously french braiding your hair in an attempt to look like Elsa, throwing your hands out to the side in hopes that ice swirls shoot out, and singing the "First Time In Forever (Reprise)" with your best friend any chance you get.

It's ok. You can rest assured that you are most definitely not alone. After premiering an entire year ago (yes....a WHOLE year ago), millions continue to obsess over the film and songs that have enchanted people of all ages around the globe!

Even Oscar award winning director Jennifer Lee has had to apologize to parents for the undying popularity of Frozen's unofficial anthem "Let It Go"! In an interview, Lee playfully explains:

A year ago, I'd meet people who, when they found out who I was, they'd say, 'Oh, we love the songs! We sing them all the time.' Now they're like, 'Yep, we're still listening to those songs'...I've gone from, 'Thank you,' to, 'Sorry!'

There's no need to apologize Lee because Frozen is still as amazing as ever, and Disney is celebrating it with a bang! In honor of the billion dollar animated hit's one year anniversary, Disney has just released an all new, limited edition Sing-a-long version of Frozen! Disney's newly released Sing-A-Long DVD not only gives you a chance to fall in love with the Frozen phenomenon all over again, but it also includes an in depth look at the making of the film!

Me on the left; parents and roommates on the right
Me on the left; parents and roommates on the right

To properly celebrate this momentous occasion, I have personally compiled for you all a list of the greatest Frozen covers on the Interweb. And because I am such a nice person, I have even categorized them into 5 awesome sections!

Now, without further adieu, enjoy and make sure to keep the Frozen fever alive!

Literally LOL Hilarious Category!

Christina Bianco's Cover

Seriously, not only did this chick nail every single impression, but her own voice is absolutely beautiful! Did anyone else almost die laughing at the Kristin Chenoweth and Julie Andrews versions??

Live Action "In Summer" Cover

The extent to which this dude was willing to go was mind-blowing. His suit is totally spot on and makes him look exactly like Olaf! I'm not gonna lie though...real life Olaf seems to be somewhat creepy...

Jimmy Fallon and his Classroom Instruments

So... where exactly do I apply to get Jimmy's job...??

Enchanting Instrumentals Category!

"Let It Go" and Vivaldi's "Winter" Mashup ~ The Piano Guys

If you haven't heard these guys play before, stop what you are doing, watch this video, then go download every song they have ever recorded. I love them. They bring life back into classical musical while fusing it with modern song!

Jun Sung Ahn's "Let It Go" Violin Cover

Violin is one of my favorite instruments to listen to, so this cover was a definite must for the list. And thankfully, there's alot more where that come from! His youtube page is filled with awesome pop covers with a violin twist!

Disney's Frozen Medley (Violin/Viola/Piano) ~ Albert and Tiffany Chang

This cover really brings home the fact that music transcends all language. Who needs words when you have music as your universal language?! I instantly started smiling when I heard this :)

The Lyrically Adapted Version Category!

"Here I Go"...aka "Despair of an Alto" (Explicit Lyrics)

This right here is my personal favorite. It does a perfect job of voicing the agony and despair of every alto in the universe....*ahem* myself included...

"Just Don't Go" by the World's Coolest Traffic Man

So, is it bad that I kind of want to move to where ever he is so he can be my traffic man?

Sam Tsui's "Let It Go"/ "Let Her Go" Mashup

Alot of people ended up confusing these two song titles. Sam Tsui was awesome to take advantage of it and create musical magic!

Give-Idina-a-run-for-her-money Fabulous Category!

Africanized Tribal "Let It Go"

Yes, you read that correctly. This is an Africanized tribal version of the wildly popular "Let It Go," and it is absolutely hauntingly beautiful! I will never get tired of putting this version on repeat!

Scott, Mitch, and Kirstie's Frozen Medley

These guys are basically the coolest human beings in the universe. They have already taken the music industry by storm, and Mitch totally nails the Elsa look! *Sigh* the day I meet them is the day I can die happy...

"Let It Go" by 9-year-old Annelise Forbes

This little one definitely puts us all to shame. Not only has she yet to have formal singing lesson, but Annelise makes her family a Christmas CD every year and puts her heart and soul into every song she belts out!

The Cool Category

These are the covers that didn't quite fit into the other categories, but I absolutely couldn't leave out! Enjoy!

"Let It Go" with Disney and Pixar Characters

Even all the other Disney characters are coming down with Frozen Fever!

Multi-Lingual "Let It Go"

I always love listening to this! It's amazing to know that all of us, despite what language we speak, have all fallen in love with Frozen!

Puppy Howls to "Let It Go"

This is absolutely adorable! His ears instantly perk up when he hears his favorite song come on :)

Have you seen an awesome cover from Frozen? Then share the link below! Have your own cover? Then let hear your pipes and share with us below! Haven't made a cover yet? Then stop what you're doing, get your copy of Disney's Frozen Sing-a-Long edition, and let's see what you got!


Are you still "suffering" from Frozen Fever?


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