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Shawn Wade Leatherbery

Star wars is a major part of so many peoples lives. Star wars since its release in 1977 has climbed to the top in the fantasy world. When George Lucas came up with the idea of Star Wars, he himself thought it was going to flop. It has changed peoples lives for the good or the great. When i was a kid they did a re release of the original trilogy in a theater down the road from where i lived. My dad worked hard and never really made much but he took me every week to see the original movie. Each week the theater would play the next movie. And even though we did not have a lot of money, we were there with a large soda and popcorn. Then when Episode 1 was released my father took me to see it on release night. And so it followed with episode 2 and 3. So to me Star Wars was one of the things that created a bond between us. Star Wars has always been my number one favorite series. To me everyone can connect to one of the many many characters from the series. From the hero Luke who was brave and strong to Leia showing that even a princess can be strong. You have the characters that you hate, love, and love to hate. The original trilogy to me will always be the best series, because its what started the franchise. Though the prequel trilogy gets a lot of hate, I feel that a true fan will embrace every aspect even jar jar. Ya he wasnt the greatest character and he was a fool, he did help the jedi find the gungan army and they were able to hold the droid army and distract them from what was really going on. With episode 7 on the way i think we have alot to look forward to. JJ Abrams did amazing on Star Trek even though i'am not a fan of the franchise i give a lot of respect to the work. The only thing i'am not a fan of so far is the EU being trashed. So many characters and stories have now become non canon. Darth Revan one of the most powerful characters to live at least in my eyes, is now just legend. Darth bane who created the rule of two based on Revans teachings is now nothing. So much is now gone, but we have so much to look forward to. The rumors of Obi wan movies, stand alone movies, and of course the new trilogy. New star wars figures and collectibles are being released every year and it truly increases the franchise and the fans. My nephews are half my age and with the help of the clone wars series they too have fell in love with the franchise. With Star Wars Rebels now on t.v. i think that the series will stretch out to even more fans bringing families and friends together. In a little over a year theater will fill with millions of people to witness history being made. And the start of something beautiful. May the force be with you all.


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