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If you've ever been to the Mexican city of Chihuahua, then there's a possibility that you've walked past a little store called 'La Popular Bridal Shop.' Inside this store you'll find the usual wedding dresses and what not, but there's also something a lot more sinister....

In the front window of this shop stands a mannequin like no other, dressed up as if ready for her big day. According to local legend, she's in no way a factory made mannequin, but actually an embalmed and mummified corpse of an actual human being.

The same 'mannequin' has been in the shop window since 1930

This creepy 'mannequin' first appeared in the shop window way back in March of 1930, and the locals have since nicknamed it 'La Pascualita.' According to legend, the daughter of the store's previous owner was bitten by a black widow spider on the day of her wedding, and died shortly after. In a fit of grief, her mother decided to preserve her corpse, and adorn it with the loveliest wedding dresses from her bridal shop.

She has very real attributes

The locals noticed that this mannequin is actually a corpse due to the real fingernails, wrinkles on the palms of her hands, and her real human hair. Several times every week the mannequin's wedding dress is changed behind closed doors (so no one can see her naked), and only a couple of the staff members are allowed to change her out of 'respect for her privacy.'

She has been seen moving around the shop

Some locals have reported that they have seen La Pascualita moving about as they walk past the shop. Residents claim that she sometimes also tilts her head and bends her elbows, while others claim that her eyes follow them as they walk by - she's even been known to smile at the odd person.

Most of the store's employees have stated that they're extremely creeped out by it, especially when they're alone with it at night. And who can blame them, right?

So now you tell me - do you find it creepy and wrong that this mother mummified her daughter's corpse and kept it in her shop's window, or do you think it's an act of love? Perhaps you don't believe it's a real corpse at all, but either way, I'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments section below!


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