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Aaron Kelley

Variety is reporting that the New York Premier has been cancelled by Landmark Cinemas and that Carmike Cinemas has dropped the film from it's theaters. Personally I find this to be offensive. Landmark and Carmike have let the Cyber Terrorists win.

I honestly had no interest in this film before the Sony Hack and even then I found the story only amusing, but when the Cyber Terrorist threatened a 9/11 type event on opening day, well I vowed I would go. These terrorists need to know that we will not be cowed by threats and that we will not be defeated by this. I tweeted and posted on Facebook as much.

Then I read about the cancellations and now I realize that it doesn't matter whether I go or not. Landmark and Carmike threw that out the window with their decisions to cancel events and not to show the film. It's a travesty and it literally sickens me.


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