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Micah James Nebeker

I'm gonna be short and simple about my opinion.

I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

People have been freaking out! Some loving the idea and others completely abhorring the very idea. They think the prequels were bad enough. Personally, I loved the prequels, although......Jar Jar shouldn't ever have been THOUGHT of.

As a Star Wars fan, little or big, you absolutely ADORE this!!!!!!! Of course it's a little worrisome that they might goof it up, but after this.....

I have complete and utter confidence that J. J. Abrams will do a fantabulous job.

And as far as all those haters of Star Wars VII.....

You tell 'em Yoda.
You tell 'em Yoda.

Like I said, "Short and simple". So, what do 'yall think? Is this gonna be the best thing to ever happen since it first came out, or is it gonna be the worst thing to happen since Jar Jar Binks?


How Do You Feel About Star Wars VII?


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