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Ladies and gentlemen, it seems DC is finally getting caught up with Marvel in terms of comic book films! Their upcoming project Suicide Squad is set for success! After an amazing cast announcement a few weeks back, including Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn and Jared Leto as the Joker, DC has surprised fans again with another SS cast member announcement— Viola Davis. The 49 year old actress, known for her roles in The Help and How to Get Away With Murder is set to play Amanda Waller! I'm so stoked! Finally, the Suicide Squad is all together!

For those who don't know, Amanda Waller is a government agent in charge of the Suicide Squad. She tasks them with dangerous missions to go on; and in return for succeeding these missions, they either get time off their sentence or are released from jail completely. She has no powers whatsoever, but her ability to keep a group of dangerous bloodthirsty villains in check is a high tune to how tough she is!

She just threatened a trained murderer! 0_0
She just threatened a trained murderer! 0_0

I am SO EXCITED for this casting! Viola Davis is a favorite of mine, making me glued to my seat every time I watch How to Get Away With Murder! But if you haven't seen her in action and still aren't quite sure if she's the right woman for the job then check out this promo for How To Get Away With Murder.

Chilling right?! There's no doubt in my mind that DC saw her performance in this show and immediately picked her for the role! Viola Davis IS Amanda Waller! In the same way that J.K Simmons IS J. Jonah Jameson! (Aren't I getting good at subtlety inputting shameless plugs?)

But you may want to hold on a bit before you go screaming at the rooftops in excitement. The role is only Viola's if Warner Bros. can fit it around her schedule, which is pretty packed with How To being such a popular show! Hopefully they'll be able to work something out, Viola Davis is the only Amanda Waller for me!

So what do you think of the Amanda Waller casting?


Do you like Viola Davis as Amanda Waller?


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