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So I know others have probably made this connection before, but I just realized tonight, Star Wars' beginning reminds me quite a bit of the legend of King Arthur. A boy (Luke Skywalker/Arthur Pendragon), through strange circumstances (Looking for droids/looking for a jousting sword), finds a very powerful sword (Lightsaber/Excalibur) that an old man (Obi-Wan/Merlin) hid from them until they were old enough to overthrow their father (Darth Vader/Arthur's father).

Now I don't know the King Arthur legend that well but I think his father asked for magic from Merlin to impersonate the king so he could marry the queen, which Merlin did in exchange for their first born, Arthur. Merlin gave Arthur to a small family so that he would grow up learning to be humble and caring for the poor, so that when he was ready, he was the only one able to remove the mystical Excalibur from it's rock, so that he could have the kingdom I assume.

When Anakin Skywalker asked for the evil Darth Sidious' help in saving his wife, the Sith lord agreed but was planning on having her die so that Anakin would be loyal to him forever. When Anakin's wife died, it was during child birth, but, to protect the children, Obi-Wan Kenobi took them to different homes where they would lead innocent sheltered lives so that when the time was right, he could train them to overthrow their father. Kenobi also took Anakin's Lightsaber, that he lost during a battle, to give to Anakin's son when he was ready.

Now you've gotta admit there are some similarities, and there are probably even more, which you can share or link to in the comments below!!!


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