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Do you like The Walking Dead? Do you want some more? Well AMC has an entirely new series of zombie apocalypse horror in the works and the details about it are finally being unearthed.

The casting process has been long underway for the still yet to be titled spin-off of AMC's monster of show. (The show has being referred to as Cobalt, for the time being.) It is being developed by series creator Robert Kirkman and Dave Erickson ([Sons of Anarchy](series:201186)), who will head the writing and producing chores. Frank Dillane and Alycia Debnam Carey were the first to be named to the cast. However their casting gave no clear indication of the direction of the series. Veteran actor Cliff Curtis (Gang Related, Training Day) was the next to be named to the show. He will be the new series lead. His presence automatically signals a certain level of heft and gravitas.

Little is known about the new series. It has been previously rumored that the series was centered around a divorced teacher and a female guidance counselor. It was just revealed by TVLine today, that the series would be based in Los Angeles and this should give the series its own distinct feel. [The Walking Dead](series:201193) and the comics that inspire the show are set in a more rural landscape typically. Only in the last few episodes have the characters made it back to a big city. Setting the show in L.A. will instantly strengthened the impact of the apocalyptic devastation in many viewer's minds. Seeing familiar Los Angeles' iconography overrun by zombies will be a draw in itself.

ScreenRant reports that the series is likely to take place in the early days of the outbreak. Which should hopefully give the show a fresh feel that will differentiate it from the original. Seeing L.A.'s response to the outbreak both militaristically and socially, should be provide new stories and perspectives. And it will also satiate many people's hidden and overt desire to see Los Angeles literally eat itself alive.

In the past couple of years, The Walking Dead has shown the foundation of the series is strong enough to branch off and tell both smaller and larger side stories. Whether it is the Governor's travels, Beth in the hospital, or Morgan and his son, the new characters we meet are often as engaging as the leads. That's a testament to strong writing, great direction and a keen eye for acting talent. The question isn't if the Kirkman and Erickson can craft a quality show. It's if the show will feel unique enough to hold viewer's attention, without oversaturating their own zombie market. It will be a tricky balance to pull off.

Do you think this new show will dilute the series? Let us know on the comment boards!

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