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With each passing year the excitement towards TV shows and movies adapted from comics couldn’t be more electrifying. Though with that comes a questionable focus on these mediums which neglects where they come from. There isn’t anything wrong with these movies or TV shows in concept, though when we are at that point where the quality and quantity of books to read is this high, that needs to be where we show our support towards primarily. In general this is about the excessive focus on movies/TV over the comics and how they unnecessarily affect them.

Not saying that we don’t prioritize comics, but it is clear that we don’t raise our voices enough about what we think others should be reading or in general trying to keep each other in the loop about what’s going on in the comic book community. When Wednesday comes rolling around or New Comic Book Day(NCBD), most readers expect to be talking about what they want to pick up that day, what they did pick up that day, and what they thought of what they read. It tends to be counter productive when some of the studios decide that they want to use that day to promote some big movie/TV news that overshadows the books that should be discussed that day and end up ignored. While it is the fault of the studios who take advantage of a day like that, the same can be shared by comic book sites which decide that is also more important. I like to be up to date like any other person awaiting that next movie or episode, but I don’t need to know every little bit of it that I can honestly wait till release to see for myself. That patience also extends to mysteries behind those movies or shows where some sites may take even more time with theories, predictions and rumors. Any given day can’t be that dry to rely on that so often when there are plenty of books to discuss.

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