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TVLine is reporting that The Walking Dead companion series, currently codenamed "Cobalt," will be set in Los Angeles, California!

The walkers are going to Hollywood, and they're going to need a lot of time in the makeup chair before they're camera ready!

This news comes after a Reddit user posted an image to the website earlier in the week claiming that his LA neighborhood had been scouted as a potential shooting location.

This new setting will surely make for quite a different show from The Walking Dead, which is largely based in rural Georgia, and it will be interesting to see what storylines the creators, Robert Kirkman and Dave Erickson, can throw at us.

Personally, I think the stark differences in environments will be a great thing, especially if "Cobalt" wants success. No one wants to watch a show that is trying to compete with The Walking Dead constantly, (there's only room for one Sheriff Rick in town!). However, having a series that is set in the same universe as The Walking Dead, but carving its own unique path in completely different circumstances, will be a much more interesting show to watch.

Not to mention, how awesome will it be to see a post-apocalyptic Los Angeles?!

LA is no stranger to being totally destroyed in films over the years, and after seeing what [The Walking Dead](series:201193) did in Season 5 with the napalmed Atlanta, I'm expecting epic things for "Cobalt."

Maybe something reminiscent of scenes from The Day After Tomorrow?

Or maybe 2012?

Though as good as a desolate downtown LA might be to see on screens, we may have to wait a while to see it. The current rumor is that "Cobalt" will be set in the early days of the epidemic, which long time Walking Dead fans will know could be a very interesting time frame for the series, as The Walking Dead skipped all of that due to Rick being in the coma (The Walking Dead timeline shows that Rick woke up 60 days after the outbreak began).

We can probably expect to see "Cobalt" on screen in AMC's 2015 fall season, but, thankfully, The Walking Dead returns February 8th, 2015.


Where would you prefer the Walking Dead companion series to be set?

Source: TV Line


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