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Excitement over J.J. Abrams' impending feature Star Wars: The Force Awakens, the latest installment in the epic space opera, has reached absolute fever pitch! Fan art comes in thick and fast, crazy plot lines have been deduced from the teaser trailer and chills still fly up and down my spine every time the Millennium Falcon does its little must avoid the Tie-Fighter's shuffle at the end of said trailer!

"Everybody one-two EVADE!"
"Everybody one-two EVADE!"

But, to head back to the plethora of amazing fan art that's propping up around the web, there are some absolutely incredible pieces out there on the binary sea! Including an array of fine Old Man Skywalker pieces. But there's one piece of fan art that has really shaken me up, and I'm going to show it to you to spread the wildfire of excitement like a dodgy VHS tape. Use your eyes, traveller...

Star Wars: The Force Awakens Fan Poster By Paul Shipper


Woah! Seriously, this poster is fantastic! I mean, look at it! Old Man Skywalker looks ridiculously badass, all poised for action. It's a bit reminiscent of - and sheath your anger on this one - Chuck Norris in Walker Texas Ranger badassery. I used to love that show as a kid, and can appreciate it as an adult because it's real, silly, fun!

*insert Chuck Norris beating up the force joke*
*insert Chuck Norris beating up the force joke*

Two things I love most about artist Paul Shipper's Force Awakens poster is the heavy brush strokes (or are they pencil?). The sharp lines represent tense action and the coming together of small dissonant parts to make something whole, yet visually broken.

And the revealing of who, Shipper believes, the Sith with the crossguard lightsaber is searching for. Could the Sith be hunting down our beloved Skywalker senior to take down the galaxy's most powerful Jedi, or to recruit him to spearhead the renewed efforts of the fledgling Empire?

My mind whirs with possibilities of galactic proportions! But I'ma halt its steady progression and throw in a few more sweet pieces of fan art. Watch out!

Star Wars Episode VII by Phil Noto

This has been floating around online for a while now, but it can't be overlooked. This is beautiful work by Noto. The colors are vibrant and sandy, like it was cooked up in a dive bar on Tatooine.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens by Kode Logic

Oh man, this is intense! It's as if the crossguard lightsaber is absorbing all the light in the vicinity of the snowy forest! Such is the power of the dark side. I cannot wait to find out who this Sith is, for I'm sure they're bound to become my new favorite villain!

Right, that's enough excitement for the next few minutes. Keep the great fan art coming, internet, you guys are astounding!


Which was your favorite piece of fan art?


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