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Although it's slightly incomprehensible to most Marvel fans - myself included - but there are, it turns out, a whole lot of people out there who don't particularly like the movies of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Whether it's the nature of the films themselves, the casting, the tone, or just the fact that they're everywhere, there's a surprisingly large number of people who just simply don't like 'em.

And, as it turns out, legendary Batman director Tim Burton might just be one of them...

The director recently spoke to Yahoo! Movies while promoting his upcoming movie Big Eyes, and when asked about Marvel, and its Cinematic Universe, his response was...not all that positive:

"Marvel, they have their thing and there’s a certain formula to it all which seems to still be working...But how many times can you say ‘you’re wearing a funny costume’ with the tights and stuff? That’s been going on for 20 years now."
"Wait, how long?"
"Wait, how long?"

Which...I mean, sure, I guess... But Burton also followed that up with:

"Yes, we all know that superheroes are damaged individuals. Maybe we need to see a happy superhero?"

Which, y'know what? It kind of feels like we already have. One of the greatest things about Marvel - the absence of which is probably the most common complaint leveled by fans at the newly rebooted DC movies - is that its movies are so ridiculously fun.

I mean - Guardians of the Galaxy? Thor? Iron Man 3? The Avengers? There're more big laughs in those films than in most comedies...

I mean, Groot alone...
I mean, Groot alone...

Burton, though, had more to say:

"I remember ‘Batman’ getting so much flak and criticism at the time for being too dark and now 20-30 years later, it now looks like a light-hearted romp, it’s such a strange thing to go through."

Which...I mean, again, the original Batman certainly could be described as a light-hearted romp compared to some modern superhero movies (Man of Steel, for instance, or Dredd), but part of what made it so awesome was that it blended that light heart with a real streak of darkness, unlike what came before.

Also, Michael Keaton.
Also, Michael Keaton.

And, in many ways, that blend is exactly what Marvel is now so accomplished at doing.

Which actually got me thinking - Is it possible that Burton's mostly just a little frustrated that Marvel has taken his basic formula for making awesome superhero movies, and used it to make some of the best examples of the genre that we've ever seen?

Well, it definitely seems to be a possibility...

"You think we need more superhero movies? It keeps on going. It’s amazing how long it’s been going for and it just keeps getting stronger and stronger. Some day people will get sick of it."

Now, maybe Burton's right - and he made two awesome superhero movies, so he has every right to his opinion, and to have that opinion be listened to - but it seems to me that a whole lot of the reason people still love superhero movies is that Marvel started making such consistently great ones, and if that trend continues, there's no particular reason we'll all get sick of them...

What do you guys think, though?


Is Tim Burton right about Marvel movies?

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