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Good news, Bat-fans! The teaser trailer for Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice might just have leaked onto the internet - and been revealed in its majestic, Batman-focused glory on 4Chan. The only problem? No-one seems to be able to find it.

So, the trailer is - according to ComicBookMovie at least - floating around the web somewhere, but as of right now very few people actually seem to have seen it.

What we do have, though, is a pretty detailed description of what the trailer is set to show us - and it's...pretty Batman-centric.

So, reportedly...

We Open on a Chaotic Metropolis...

Highlighting the fact that the movie will seemingly follow closely on from the events of Man of Steel.

...While Ben Affleck Narrates...

Saying something along the lines of "the world has changed with the arrival of the Kryptonians."

We Cut to Affleck in His Batsuit...

Just like we 'saw' in the Comic-Con trailer...

And He Asks Whether Superman is Here to Save Us...

Or Destroy Us...

Which is...a reasonable question, I guess.

Before Revealing..."I'm Going to Find Out"

At which point...

We Cut to a Shot of the Batman vs. Superman Logo

And...that's it.

Now, that sounds like a totally plausible teaser trailer to me - but without having had a chance to actually see it, I'm definitely going to have to leave this one in the 'cool-sounding rumor' column for the time being. It seems entirely possible that it's for real - but it could so easily be a really realistic rumor.

What do you guys think, though?


Does that trailer sound real to you?



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