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Normally, we're used to seeing our favorite Disney characters in fun, carefree settings, and it's not often that their images shock us. Today, however, Israeli artist, Saint Hoax, has managed to do just that in his new series named 'The Royal Misfits,' which is aimed at fighting back at anorexia using Disney characters.

On his website Saint Hoax wrote about why he feels the images needed to be made:

Children as young as five years old are being diagnosed with anorexia nervosa. “The Royal Misfits” raises awareness about that subject and directly speaks to children who have developed or are developing eating disorders.

This is not the first time Saint Hoax has merged social issues with Disney characters, having previously fought back against the fur trade, sexual assault and domestic violence. But whether these shock tactics actually work is another question, take a look at the images and decide for yourself:

Snow White

There's just something quite jarring about seeing Snow White, probably Disney's most realistically sized princess, with shoulders so bony her puffy sleeves are falling off them.

Prince Eric

It's good to see that Saint Hoax hasn't forgotten that anorexia can affect males as well as females by showing a painfully thin Prince Eric. He definitely doesn't look healthy enough to sail the seas.


While the whole image of Ariel is quite shocking, I think it's her huge red-rimmed eyes that make this image so hard to look at.


The pain in his eyes is too much.


Just like Ariel, Jasmine's big eyes on her angular face are quite hard to bare.


Do you think these images fulfill their purpose?

Source: Saint Hoax


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