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Harry Potter is one of those set of books that kind of just gets us all. From everything from it's battles to the way it is done. Perfection is what it is. But Rowling has sometimes just DESTROYED us with her heartbreaking deaths. So here are the TOP 5 DEATHS IN HARRY POTTER HISTORY.

#5: Professor Snape / Severus Snape:

Yes, the villain from the start has shocked us all. He had known from the beginning ever since the promise that his fate was death. He simply took it in and did what was right. As soon as we found out what was the shocking truth behind Snape, not only did we pity him, but we felt attached to him. We applaud you Snape.

#4: Dobby the "Free Elf":

Yes, I admit, I felt a little guilty when his death had to come. At the beginning, we all knew Dobby as this annoying house elf owned by the Malfoy's who's key purpose was to "protect" Harry Potter. This, he did in the most harsh of ways. But we later get to know him as a self-sacrificing, rebelling elf who just wants to be free. But when he was killed, we really felt the emotions and how we should have felt about him when he was still here.

#3: Dumbledore:

Yes, sorry guys, Dumbledore isn't #1 for a couple of reasons. Number one, he was the only wizard Voldemort ever feared so it was only a matter of time before it would click in your head that if Harry is ever to fight Voldemort, it is to happen in a time when Dumbledore is not in this world. But it still shocks up enough to make it to #3. The sad betrayal fuels quite a lot of anger at the misunderstood Severus Snape, but also makes you think what made this turn possible. It is indeed one of the most shocking deaths, mainly because of the turns it took.

#2: Sirius Black:

THIS DEATH is one of those deaths which shocks you enough to make you put the book down and take time to process it. Sirius Black was the closest thing Harry had to a father, and for THAT to ALSO be taken away is just a grossing sight to see. Ourselves, we were never that close to Sirius, but he risked ALL just to keep Harry safe, when he had spent half his life in prison.

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#1: Fred Weasley:

Yes, the most unusual ones are the ones to get us the most. Ron Weasley was a character we grew close to, and to see his brother die, was just painful. Not just sad, but painful. Fred Weasley was personally my favorite and he was just always there to brighten the mood. But man, his death was deep to multiple levels. He died laughing. A Hogwarts Prankster from a different generation ... died laughing ... This death not only is the only book moment to bring tears to my eyes but makes me favor the character even more.

What is your most impacting Harry Potter death? Are you looking forward to [Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them](movie:1112558)? Tell us down below.


What is the saddest Harry Potter death for you?


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