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Star Trek: The Next Generation first beamed onto our screens a whopping 27 years ago, changing the face of science fiction forever!

Despite its age, the beloved series still has one of the most dedicated fan communities out there, inspiring tons of awesome Trekkie fan artwork I'd be proud to hang on my wall.

Check out a selection of some of the best on the web...

The Colorful Crew

The main Enterprise crew are all in attendance in Tracie Ching's stylistic re-interpretation.

The exceptionally talented graphic designer has also created some brilliantly retro character portraits you have to see:


The android chief operations officer was one of my favorite characters on the show, and his look has been captured perfectly here!

Geordi La Forge

The VISOR-wearing chief engineer of the Enterprise looks great in front of this '70s-style background.


Klingon fan-favorite Worf looks appropriately formidable here. Where can I buy a print of this beautiful artwork?!

[Source: Tracie Ching]

Star Trek: The Animated Series

In this rad animation style, the crew are drawn how they might look had TNG spawned a Cartoon Network offshoot. I'd totally watch that show!

[Source: Josh Howard]

Where No Fan Has Gone Before

Josh lynch's cartoonish recreation is truly inspired, though Picard looks a little like a bobble-head toy!

[Source: Josh Lynch]

Nobody Puts Riker in the Corner

I'm not sure anyone would quite have anticipated a Star Trek / Dirty Dancing crossover, but there's no denying how awesome it is, with Picard and Riker getting up close and personal pulling off the romantic lift from the movie!


Which fan drawing is your favorite?


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