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Seeing as we're being cruelly deprived of The Vampire Diaries until January 22nd, we might as well use this time to look back at what made our favorite actors the stars they are today.

And what better place to start than with the smoldering Ian Somerhalder?

I've rummaged through reels and reels of rare archive footage so you don't have to, so enjoy feasting on the vintage Somerhalder delicacies below!

Young Americans - 2000

A staggering fourteen years ago, Ian Somerhalder was playing hunky Hamilton Flemming in Young Americans, a reasonably successful Dawson's Creek spin off.

Here a spritely young Somerhalder talks about his character feeling attracted to a new boy at school (Jake) and questioning his sexuality, until he realizes the guy of his dreams is actually a girl in disguise.

Most Somerhalder Quote: "Hormones are *crazy hand gestures*."

Don't we know it, Ian!

Best Frame: This video is far too blurry to do the young Somerhalder justice, so here's an adorable screenshot from the TV show in question to make up for it!

The Rules of Attraction - 2002

Ian Somerhalder takes us backstage on his first big movie, The Rule of Attraction and he seems thrilled about it, along with the rest of the cast!

Everyone might look like they would rather be handwashing their grandmother's panties in this video, but there are still some stellar vintage Ian moments to be had!

Most Somerhalder Quote: "And up next, Jessica (Biel) is going to show us what it's like to play Laura, a lying scheming sex fiend."

Don't mince your words, Ian!

Best Frame: I'll even forgive that little ghost moustache...

Lost - 2004

Ian Somerhalder first rose to the big time as Boone Carlyle in the cult classic TV show Lost, but he still looks super nervous in his adorable audition tape. Bless.

Most Somerhalder Quote: Seeing as this is an audition, there isn't anything in Ian's own voice.

Best Frame: The signature Ian Somerhalder smirk is already germinating!

Pulse - 2006

A tiny snippet of Ian being interviewed about his 2006 movie, Pulse really brings the hotness!

Most Ian Somerhalder Quote: "Kid's don't go out and climb trees as much as they used to."

Ian's interest in getting you people involved with nature has officially begun!

Best Frame: Is that the tiniest of pouts I see?

Vintage Vampire Diaries - 2009

Ian had only just stepped into Damon Salvatore's formidable shoes at this point, but he was already clearly made for the role... Oh and you get to hear [The Vampire Diaries](series:200853) in French if you're into that kind of thing. Oooh la la!

Most Ian Somerhalder Quote: "Damon's dark and dangerous, but he has fun while he's doing it!"

Best Frame: Smoldering attitude!


Which vintage Somerhalder is your favorite?


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