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Warning: potential Walking Dead spoilers coming up. Proceed with caution from here on in.

Sometime in the second half of Season 5, Morgan is finally going to catch up with Rick and the gang - my guess is the season finale - but the question is, what kind of Morgan are we going to get? Will it be the deranged Morgan we encountered back in "Clear" or will it be the headstrong, loyal Morgan we met back in Season 1?

Well perhaps the comic book source material can offer us some clues.

Morgan on the page

In the comics, Rick reunites with Morgan when he goes on a supply run in his home town - in fact, Rick gets a welcoming shovel to the face the same way he did when they first met months previously:

The Morgan here is very similar to the Morgan we met in "Clear." His son, Duane, had turned into a walker and Morgan had lost his mind. In fact, he admits to killing a couple of people and a dog to feed to his undead kid.

Happy go-lucky, he certainly is not.

The Road to Alexandria

Rick decides to take Morgan with him on their journey to Washington, eventually finding sanctuary at the Alexandria Safe-Zone. But it's clear that Morgan is suffering some sort of mental breakdown and talks to Carl as if he were his own son. It's really awkward.


Love in the Time of Apocalypse

Morgan's mental state does improve while he's at Alexandria, and he finds a kindred spirit in Michonne. Both find it difficult to adjust to this new life of security and feel lost. So they do what anyone would do in that situation: screw like rabbits.

However, Morgan freaks out after the deed is done, and believes that he's committed adultery on his (dead) wife. It's not the most romantic post-coital chat, I must admit.

He's so naked and ashamed
He's so naked and ashamed

So what does this mean for Morgan on the show?

The episode "Clear" already documented Morgan's mental fragility, and although he looked like a man reborn in Season 5, I think "crazy Morgan" might still be lurking in their somewhere - especially when it comes to dealing with Carl.

But it's the potential romance with Michonne that I find the most interesting. Could these two hook up on the show? I think it's a real possibility.


Will Morgan and Michonne hook up?


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