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Warning: Walking Dead comic book and show spoilers coming up

Since Scott Gimple took over showrunner duties on The Walking Dead, the show has adapted loads more storylines and plot points from the comic than ever before.

Season 5 alone saw the Hunters/Termites reveal their true nature, the introduction of Father Gabriel and Eugene finally admitting the truth about the "cure" for the undead plague - all of which were big arcs in the comic.

With the show sticking so close to the source material it means we can start to get excited about characters from the page making it to the screen. And there's one character in particular we should start to get really excited about seeing. His name is Ezekiel and he looks like this:

Ezekiel is the ruler of the "Kingdom," an enclave on the outskirts of Washington DC, who joins forces with Rick and his group when they settle at the Alexandria Safe-Zone.

But the reason Ezekiel is the coolest dude this side of the apocalypse?

He's got a walker-killing pet tiger called Shiva:

Tiger blood
Tiger blood

Without giving too much away, Ezekiel has a huge role to play in the war against Negan - the biggest big bad from the comics - and also gets romantically involved with one of the most badass and well-known characters on the show (I'll leave it up to you to guess who...)

And the best news about Ezekiel and Shiva coming to the show? Shiva will be played by a real tiger, as TWD creator Robert Kirkman confirmed:

That's the only way to go. Got to keep it grounded. I mean, if we could get a robot tiger, that would be pretty awesome. But, you know, we might have to go with a real one.

Oh my.

Unfortunately, I don't think we'll see Ezekiel and Shiva in Season 5b, but I do think they'll be making an appearance in Season 6. Either way it's going to be awesome.


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