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It seems that, for The Flash, trouble definitely comes in twos, or in the shape of an incoming sibling duo that will surely spark havoc for the people of Central City!

The Tomorrow People's Peyton List is jumping aboard the veritable hit train that is CW's The Flash as Leonard Snart's (Wentworth Miller) little sister, Lisa Snart. Due to appear in the sixteenth episode "Rogue Time," the future villain will stop at nothing to show her brother, the calculated Captain Cold, that she has what it takes to join his band of baddies.

Peyton List
Peyton List

The reveal came from the guys over at Access Hollywood, and offered up a little insight into who CW's Lisa Snart will be...

She is sly, charming, and even a little sadistic. She's also not afraid to use her sexuality to get what she wants...

So surely this means that sister Snart will attract the attentions of S.T.A.R Labs prodigy Cisco Ramon and usher in a wave of troubles for the World's Fastest Man?

Cisco & Barry
Cisco & Barry

In the classic comics, Lisa Snart went by the moniker 'Golden Glider,' an Olympic level figure skater that was rather adept at pulling off heists. She owned a pair of ice skates that could create their own ice-flow, meaning she could use her abilities to skate anywhere, including mid-air.

Whether or not sister Snart will slide into action as 'Golden Glider' remains to be seen, but CW is really pushing out the stops regarding The Scarlet Speedster's Rogue's Gallery!

With Dominic Purcell ready to roll out as 'Heat Wave,' Andy Mientus as 'Pied Piper,' and Mark Hamill set to return to The Flash as an older, incarcerated 'Trickster,' Barry Allen's metahuman skills and more mundane human emotions will be put to the ultimate test! And I cannot wait to see the results.

(Source: Access Hollywood)


Looking forward to seeing the 'Golden Glider' in action?


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