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So a few days ago Netflix announced the premiere date for House of Cards season 3 and in doing so, made my whole December (sorry Santa). Frank Underwood and company will return to the screen on Feb. 27, 2015, and what makes it even better is that this time around I don't have to be all sneaky and change my VPN in order to access my Netflix account. As you may have heard, back in September Netflix announced that they would expand their viewership to mainland Europe. The expansion has since granted access to users in France, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Luxembourg and thankfully for me, Germany.

Before moving to Berlin, I was based in the United States for the larger part of my life. I lived in both California and Arizona, two states that differ in every possible way from geography, to climate and of course, politics. I have always been intrigued by politics, though I have never considered myself a 'political' person. In the same way I find religion to be fascinating, even though I am not religious myself. Simply put, I like to ask questions.

For me, [House of Cards](series:726551) is fantastic series for obvious reasons (Kevin Spacey), but also because I think it is a very brave kind of drama. While HOC is an entirely 'fictional' series, I feel that the creators attempt, however subtle, to make some very real statements about the American political culture. I feel that the show is not only an outlet for its creators to voice their own political concerns, but also an outlet for viewers who might feel that their own concerns now have some validity. Now, do I believe that Beau Willimon (creator of House Of Cards) and his staff of producers are unpatriotic and have some sort of sneaky social/political agenda? Absolutely not, but I do believe that these guys are very smart. I also believe that the writers and producers are aware of their viewership, and that they know the people who binge watch House of Cards into the early mornings are the kinds of people who, like me, enjoy asking questions.

So, here are my questions while we wait for the third season to premiere on that oh so glorious, not so far off future date - February 27th in case you forgot already.

Given the fact that House of Cards is a Netflix original series, and given the fact that Netflix has recently expanded into mainland Europe, to countries that are often openly critical of United States politics. Will the third instalment of Barack Obama's favourite show continue to push the political envelope? Will the events in Ferguson, Missouri and the doings of the NSA be made points of discussion? Given Netflix's growing international audience, will Frank and Claire Underwood find themselves mingling overseas with the likes of Angela Merkel and political leaders in the Middle East? Will the series' overnight fame propel it's creators to raise their political voices, or will it quiet them? Will the producers welcome social pressure, or will they become overly concerned with ratings and approval and play the safe cards (get it, cards). Though perhaps the most pressing question on my mind, what will become of Freddy's BBQ Joint!?

Check out the teaser trailer for House of Cards season 3, if you haven't seen it already. February 27 - mark your calendars people.


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