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now all the comic fans want to see wolverine in the avengers,spiderman in the avengers and many other characters like deadpool.but the character rights belon to two different studios that are of couse fox and sony.but the real question is which one character rights should they buy?

let us start with:


everyone who is reading this article right now must admit that they love our webslinger.if marvel gets the rights back then they also get many other characters like venom dr.conners , mainly villians.there are rumous spidey can join MCU in captain america civil war(I just hope andrew garfield plays as spiderman again because he is just great in that role).daredevil and ironfist and spidey are very close in the comics and also the TV shows.and a survey that took place recently showed that spiderman is marvel's no.1 most liked superhero and 3rd of the world(supes and bat's take 1st and 2nd place.)


this is a better choice as we not only get wolverine,we get jean grey,cyclops,magneto,beast,angel,iceman,pyro,kitty pryde,storm,proffesor X,gambit,mystique,rouge........pheww huhhh huhhh....................nightcrwler, deadpool,emma frost,havok,moonshine,colossus...............pheewwww hewww....the list is so big i can't tell.wolverine has always been a part of the avengers and other marvel he is immortal so wheen all the avengers retire he can train the new one's to be like their replacement.well the cast seems to be a little........awesome.jack hughman as wolverine,halle berry as storm,jeniffer lawrence as mystique,nicholas as beast,micheal fassbender as magneto,james mcavoy, they all are born to play these roles.x men comics have really changed the marvel universe at sometimes like , house of M storyline, the dark pheonix saga and of course days of future past.


both of them are equally great but if i were in the place of president kevin feige, i would choose X MEN as we not only get more characters but some great reading materials where x men meet the avengers and the x men are you know.....just more linked to the avengers and other teams whereas spiderman stays only in new york city most of the time crimefighting.The only major role he plays in marvel cinematic universe is when civil war storyline happens.


whom do you think marvel should gain rights to?


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