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Ok people its too early but I had to get my digital copy of Meredith and David Finch... Wonder Woman power couple team and again it didn't disappoint.

I love how we finally have [Wonder Woman](movie:45787) being written by a woman with some fresh new ideas. Don't get me wrong I love Azzarello but I'm always up to see what a new team has up their sleeves.

Meredith is writing Wonder Woman like a real woman. As a woman myself I find we are complex creatures not so easily defined. Yes we must be strong but sometime we are also weak. We must be confident but we do still question ourselves. I know Wonder Woman is an icon to millions but she isn't Wonder Woman all the time, sometimes she just wants to be woman.

In issue number 36 we see Diana overwhelmed by what is on her plate. She is the god of war, a queen, a girlfriend, a peacemaker, and a member of the Justice League. And in 37 we see the consequences of her being pulled in so many directions. Her people, the Amazons feel betrayed by Diana for always being in Man's World. They offer her a choice, leave Man's World and be their queen or abdicate the throne to one who will.

The way this issue ends had me at the edge of my seat. Spoiler: DONNA IT BACK! The art in this issue is lovely David draws Wonder Woman so lovely. The story Meredith is creating is great and the potential for an epic Wonder Woman is so there. Plus we get to see Superman being a good boyfriend looking out for her. (He knows he doesn't have to but she's Diana and she matters to him... a lot)

So if you haven't checked Meredith and David's Wonder Woman I would highly recommend it. I don't do stars or ratings on stuff. As Levar Burton says at the end of Reading Rainbow, you don't have to take my word for it. Read it for yourself! See ya next week for Superman/Wonder Woman #14!


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