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Have you seen this amazing Wonder Woman theme song cover? No, I'm serious. If you’re a fan of Diana Prince otherwise known as Wonder Woman, you should definitely check out this video. I think Lynda Carter would be proud. The Bombsters, a band from Canada, did an awesome rendition of the Wonder Woman theme song a while back. It got a bit of notice but now for some reason it’s all of sudden gaining traction. It probably has to do with the buzz and hype surrounding the upcoming Batman V. Superman film in 2016. To her fans delight, Wonder Woman will be prominently featured in the film. For all the women out there young and old, it’ll be nice to finally get to watch a superhero of our very own on the silver screen.

"...for me it was simple, my mother wanted to watch the Wonder Woman TV Show in the 70's, to have a female superhero to cheer for and dad liked looking at Lynda Carter. As a kid I just sat there and enjoyed the show on both sides of the screen..." Ryan Price, Bassist

Nothing brings you back to your Wonder Woman roots like listening to the Bombsters re-worked version of the iconic theme song. Yes the updated film starring the gorgeous and talented Gal Gadot is a very different interpretation than the Lynda Carter version that we all know and love, but here’s hoping that at the opening of the Wonder Woman solo movie (2017) they remember to give the old-school fans a bit of a nod by playing the song that’s synonymous with ladies kicking ass!


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