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Justice League 37

Amazo Virus

Part Two: Patient Zero

Minor Spoilers below!

New issue of Justice League storyline Amazo Virus is out.


Part Two : Patient Zero starts from where it left in last issue. Batman and Superman confronting Patient Zero.

The story moves forward by both trying to contain Patient Zero.

Lex Luthor is questioned by both his sister and Captain Cold on why he created the virus.

Diana joins Supes and Bats.

Someone new is on hunt for Luthor. Justice League is still sick. In the last page something bad happens which I don't want to spoil.

Art work is excellent, and story is moving very nicely.

Ratings : 4.9/5

Best Scenes :

  • 1. Diana's Entry.
  • 2. One page combined view of two accidents that happened.
  • 3. Last page full view of Batman.

Also nice to see Trinity working together.

Quotz from JL#37

1. Superman: Did you actually call that a Haz-Bat Suit?

Batman : ....

It was Robin's Idea.

(Really Batman, you sure it wasn't yours?)

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