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Robin Williams had a magnificent career and life. His tragic passing a few months ago came as a shock to many, mostly due to the fact that he seemed so exuberant, joyful, and his talents led to incredible success throughout his long career.

In this clip from his final project, [Absolutely Anything](movie:349391), which will be released in 2015, you will see a poignant bit from his final performance about something that at first seems trivial - a dog and his master's interaction and attempted mutual understanding. The kicker is that the master is able to give the dog (played by Williams) the ability to think rationally and to speak.

Check it out below:

There's a magical element to this film, where the dog's owner (played by Simon Pegg) is able to do Harry Potter-esque spells to do "absolutely anything", like being able to make himself understand German instantly and eat food using levitating silverware. The dog doesn't even appear to be a key character until midway through the clip, but that's when Williams' one-of-a-kind voice comes into play.

First of all, this is obviously absolutely hysterical. But also, so much of Williams' struggle with a complex understanding of self-worth and the human condition shines through here - even though he, as the dog, is able to think rationally, he still has desire. It may seem random, but this clip perfectly describes what makes us love dogs; and how we can relate that to the struggles of being a living being with conflicting emotions, desires, and loyalties. And it's particularly poignant considering the challenges Williams faced in his own life.

Williams was doing great live-action work on [The Crazy Ones](series:872963), a sitcom that he basically was single-handedly carrying before he passed. He was also in upcoming film, [Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb](movie:859388). But this... this smaller voice acting role is the last piece of work we will see from this extremely brilliant and talented man.

It seems so apt for Wiliams to leave us with one final lesson; and to do it through the medium of one of the most loving creatures on this earth: a dog. He may no longer be with us in the human form, but his voice, creativity, and loving heart will live on forever and ever. RIP and much respect to the legend, Robin Williams.


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