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Stan Oude Alink

Hello, and welcome to my first review on Moviepilot. My name is Stan and I live in the Netherlands, so don't judge my typing. Thanks for reading.

Oh, Before you read. If you haven't read the comic, there are SPOILERS behind!

Let's review the first issue from the walking dead comic series. I think it was a really good start for the issue. You see what happened before Rick ended up in the hospital and that is good. You have to know what happened, because you otherwise don't know why is is there. The one month jump is great, because the survivors know what happened and Kirkman doesn't has to spend time to reveal that. When Rick walks out of the hospital he doesn't know if he is in the real world. Maybe he thinks he is dreaming, but he knows something is not like it was before. There are no people on the streets, only walkers and that is something to worry about. He finds Morgan and Duane and that is something i liked a lot. The first survivors you meet are going to play a bigger role in the series, because you don't know if there are others. Ricks mission is to find Lori (his wife) and Carl (His son). He don't know if he is ever going to see them again. He doesn't even know if they are alive. Morgan will help him on his way, but he stays behind. Rick gives him weapons so he can survive. Rick later is driving of with a police car and leaves Morgan behind with a car too.

This first episode is a great one to start with and you want to read much further. You have a lot of questions like:
How did it start?
Is Rick going to see Lori and Carl again and will he find a group.

I liked the moment with bicycle girl. You see the darkness of the new world en you can see that Rick is sad. He don't want it to be this way, but there is nothing he can do about it. He has to shoot her, because he don't want her to be this way and i always thought that he knew her, but he doesn't. He frees her out of her body and that is so great.

Rick cries by bicycle girls body (sad)
Rick cries by bicycle girls body (sad)

At last i want to give this issue a rate. I give it a 6,8 because it is a great first issue and you can see the series grow.

Thanks for reading and i hope you liked this review. Let me know what you think about my reviews and if i have to do more.


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