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Don Bluth broke with Disney in 1979 over disagreements about the movies oversantized contents, but he might have taken things a little bit too deep into the dark side!

Scenes from Bluth movies are famously brutal and this man alone has probably caused enough children's tears to fill a small lake.

Don't believe me? Check out the harrowing list below and Mufusa's death will seem like light relief!

Land Before Time: Horrifying Death of Little Foot's Mother

Mufasa's death might be harrowing, but did he give Simba some noble, heartbreaking advice with his final breaths? I think not.

The line, "I'll be with you even if you can't see me" still brings instant tears to my overemotional eye balls.

Fievel Goes West: The Monstrous Masticating Mouse of Minsk

I know that the Giant Mouse of Minsk is meant to be a good guy, but he sure as hell doesn't look like one!

I authentically had nightmares about this beasts unseeing eyes and mechanically snapping jaws when I was a kid, and I suspect I might be having another one of those tonight!

All Dogs Go to Heaven... Unless They Don't

All dogs go to heaven... Unless they happen to be condemned to burn to cinders in a fiery hell!

I'm not sure if children should be seeing their faithful companion whimpering in terror in front of the devil while trying to escape becoming lava soup, even if it is just a dream.

Thumbelina: Ugly Bugs Taunts

What's that? Oh, just a tiny girl being mocked and abused for her appearance by a load of evil insects. Nothing to see here.

The Secrets of Nihm: Animal Abuse, Junior Edition

Quivering animals in cages being subjected to a life of pain and suffering is what all the kids are into these days, right?

The Secrets of Nihm has traumatized thousands of unsuspecting children with it's dark adult themes hiding behind fuzzy little mice, and I was definitely one of them.

Let's just say I was a strict vegetarian by the time I was 10!


Which movies do you find more dark and disturbing?


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