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Fellow Contributor/Creator Joshua Etchison recently did a post on what Moviepilot has done for him, so after reading his article and being truly inspired (yes, truly, very deeply in the most inspiring way, inspired), I decided to do a post on My Moviepilot Journey. How I came to write for the gold mine of AWESOME that is Moviepilot! (SPOILER ALERT!! ... it involves Vampires)

No really, it does.

If you want to ladies and gents, you can check out Joshua's article here.

So, my Moviepilot Journey begins millions and millions of years ago, in a far and distant realm, that goes by the name of Facebook. I was scrolling through the list of suggested pages for me (I was having a particularly boring day) and then I came across this,

I...wait, what? Surely you don't mean Vampire Academy as in the 6 novel series written by Richelle Mead?? As in, the first major vampire YA novel I ever read?? As in, MY ABSOLUTE FAVOURITE BOOK SERIES OF ALL TIME!?

As..a movie??


I had mixed feelings towards this, and having so little information about it, naturally i googled it.

And found nothing.

No information, no articles, nothing from the author, not even an IMDb page. Nothing on the Wikipedia Page for the series, and so I came back to the Facebook page for a second look. There at the side of my screen, sat a link to

I recognized the name, it had been popping up in my newsfeed a lot at the time, as the site garnered more fans and as more of my Facebook friends read, liked and shared articles. I myself had read a few articles on the site, and so without hesistation, decided to see if Moviepilot had any info on VA.

Sure enough there was a Moviepilot page for VA! "Hooray!" i shouted, finally I can read a bit more about it! So I scrolled down, ready to be bombarded with information aaaaand,

Um...where's all the information? Is that a fan edit as the banner for the page? Where are all the articles?? WHY IS THERE NO INFORMATION!?

And then, there it was, calling to me from the top right hand side of the page, a small red "post" button.

I stared at it for a second, confused. Until I realised, Moviepilot let's anyone post!

So away I went, furiously scouring for information, and finding what little info I could on it, I wrote up what would later be my first ever post for Moviepilot. I compiled the small amount of information I had found on the Facebook page, with a little background on the series, added some pictures and VOILA! My masterpiece was finished!

So I clicked "post".

And nothing happened.

I stared at it, and thought, "give it a minute, it'll be alright". So I did, and nothing happened. Scared I would lose all my hard work i copy and pasted my entire article into a word document and posted on the Moviepilot Facebook page with my problem.

I got a response within a week, that essentially said,

"Sorry about that, that's a mistake, you shouldn't be seeing that button. Only contributors (we were called contributors back then folks) can post to the site, but if you'd like to be a contributor, drop an email over to [so and so person]".

By this time, the Vampire Academy Facebook page had updated with casting news, and the three leads for the film had been cast, but still, there was no other information on the internet to support this. So, I dropped an email over to head honcho, Aaron, who asked me to email him my first post, so that he could post it on my behalf. I belive this was somewhat of a screening process, you know, to see if I could actually write. And low and behold, my first post for Moviepilot was born!

You can check it out here. After that, I wrote a few more articles for the site, all in the same way - email to Aaron, he'd work his magic and add pics (always really cool pics) and then post under my name, until eventually, he/they/Moviepilot invited me to become a Contributor officially, where I could post on my own and add my own pics!

That was just over a year ago now, and 111 posts, 443k views, 681 comments and 292 followers later, I'm still writing for MP and still loving every second of it. One of my highest viewed articles (which i've since beat by just over double), was pretty early on in my MP journey, and thanks to Aaron's awesome cover image, and pics, is in my opinion, my best article to date. It was a long one too, on why VA is NOTHING like Twilight, and I got such a huge reaction to it!

MTV linked to my article on their site, (FREAKIN' MTV) as did Page to Premiere, the official VA twitter and facebook pages shared it (run by the producers themselves!), some of the cast members shared it, AND the author of the bloody series! (You guys, Richelle Mead has read and shared 2 of my articles. ) AND it even got translated into Spanish!

If you like you can check it out here.

Since then, I've written about VA non-stop, in addition to branching out to all the other YA books/movies and TV shows I love! (And the occasional Superhero article) I've been given the opportunity to read and review new YA books early (Thanks to Hannah!), like "Day 21" the sequel to "The 100" - which is now a hit TV Show on the CW, and one very cool novel I'm reading now! - Review will up shortly!

Through a lot of hard work, constant self-promotion (seriously, I share ALL my articles EVERYWHERE. You guys...I am my own marketing team. ) and MP Tweeting and featuring nearly all of my early articles on their pages, I've managed to reach a HUGE fanbase, mainly fangirls and guys like myself, and have made some really cool friends along the way. Both Creators and non-creators!

Ya'll know who you are!
Ya'll know who you are!

So, all in all, I've had a pretty awesome time at MP, and I hope to continue doing so! It may have been an accident that I saw that post button over a year ago, and I'm not one to believe in fate and destiny, buuuut,

Clearly the universe had a plan for me, right?
Clearly the universe had a plan for me, right?

HUGE Thanks to Aaron, Hannah and Miss Bacon for all being so helpful, supportive and encouraging! I'll stop before I start making an Oscar speech!

Ladies and gents, that's my MP Journey, what's yours? And if you don't have one, start one. Seriously, what are you waiting for?


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