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If you've watched the news like any time over the past year, you should be well aware of the important issue of cyber-security. Hackers have gone from being thought of as bothersome nerds to be dealt with by the sites they hack to being considered legitimate threats to national and global security. It's super scary to think leaked information can get out so easily, whether it be from Sony or even the government.

[Blackhat](movie:867422) deals with this super topical new form of terrorism head-on and has released a new trailer that looks awesome. Chris Hemsworth stars as the hacker who the government must release from prison to help solve a mysterious case of cyber terrorism that could affect millions.

Here's the second trailer for the film:

Whoa, this is going to be intense. And I feel like it has truly modern subject matter, which will make it even better.

Obviously, Hemsworth's character wants immunity

He's not just going to help them stop a cyber terrorist without a negotiation. You think he'll just help them and go right back to his jail cell? Nahh. First of all, Chris Hemsworth is too handsome to be in jail, and second of all, if he is the only one who can stop this terrorist, he's pretty valuable. And he knows that.

The scariest app of all time

Whatever app this is, I don't want it on my phone. It seems like if you press the wrong icons or buttons on this app, you might blow up the entire globe.

Hemsworth has a girlfriend, obviously

Hemsworth not having a love interest in this movie would be arguably the most surprising thing of all time. Of course he has a girlfriend and of course they are running around.

Well, they have to get away from these guys

These guys are going to eff you up. I mean, look at the dude in the bottom right's face. He looks mad as hell!

I'm pretty much sold on this. This is going to be good. At the very least, Michael Mann will teach us a thing or two about what might happen if some rogue hackers get some interesting ideas.

'Blackhat' hits theaters January 16, 2015.


Is Chris Hemsworth a believable super-hacker?

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