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just another movie freak.....especially marvel (duh -_-)
Shubham Bhargav

Now...we all know the hype for the Marvel movies especially for AVENGERS.

but sometimes even tiniest of the things can be overlooked in...


For once i thought it wasnt much big of a deal but when i really concentrated on the phase 3 titles, i noticed that something was different about the most awaited movie of the MCU. Wanna know what???


Ok here it is.

Where is the CLASSIC CIRCLE around "A" in the 'Avengers' part of Avengers 3????

this one.....
this one.....
where is the circle????
where is the circle????

I mean it has got to be something major if the poster has come out of Marvel studios right?? And also, its the first time i havent seen the circle whether it be comics or tv shows and movies

What do u guys think?

if u do think it to be something major.....please comment below on what it could possibly mean :-)


Is it something "MAJOR"???


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