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Czechoslovakia, during the 1970s, was pretty much known for its science fiction films that usually has comedic purposes. Many of them have rather "out-there" concepts. But, if you want something that is so stupid that it will make you want more, you get Zítra Vstanu a Opařím se Čajem, whose title literally translates to English as Tomorrow, I'll Wake Up and Scald Myself with Tea.

The film was released in January 1977 by Barrandov Studios, a famous film studio in Prague that was popularly referred to as the "Hollywood of the East". The film is centered around a group of Nazis as they try to use a time machine to travel to World War II-era Germany in hopes of giving Hitler the hydrogen bomb. The film's title comes from a scene in the film where one of the guys accidentally pours some boiling hot tea on himself.

I've seen almost the first 20 minutes of the film on YouTube, and some parts of the film that I saw are really stupid (in a good way). These are the parts I recognized:

  • The opening scene takes place on a beach, with a very cool-sounding Hawaii-esque score that was irrelevant to the film's actual plot.
  • The film's opening title sequence has looped and reversed clips of Hitler and other parts of Nazi Germany that had an electronic-sounding disco tune in the background.
  • The film also had an overuse of disco songs.
  • The film's title, obviously
  • In one scene, one of the guys was about to clean the sink after breakfast, with yet another disco tune. The bubbles in the sink were synced with warbling high-pitched, Frank Zappa-esque electronic noises, and the draining of the bubbles were really choppy, with another funny sound effect to top it all off!

The concept seems rather "out-there", in a sense, but the film probably managed to gain a cult following in recent years. An official DVD release was also commercially available (CAREFUL; these DVDs are most likely to be in the PAL format. If you don't have a PAL player, it wouldn't work on an NTSC Region 1 player. I suggest that you would watch the movie on YouTube, if you're if you're lucky enough to find one with English subtitles).


What do you think of Tomorrow, I'll Wake Up and Scald Myself with Tea?


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