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So Christmas is coming up so tis the season to watch Christmas movies because that is what everyone does. There are so many movies out there but when I am in the mood for a Christmas movie these top movies tend to be my favorite go to for Christmas movies.

1. The Nightmare before Christmas:

This movie has always been my go to when it came to Christmas movies. This movie has everything, Tim Burton, spooky monsters, singing, the Oogie Boogie Man, Santa Claus, a ghost dog. I will forever love this movie no matter what.

2. Home Alone 1 & 2:

Who doesn’t love to watch these movies? I love to see the many antics of Kevin McCallister, I love watching him repeatedly thwarting those bumbling wet/sticky bandits. I also love how irresponsible Kevin’s parents are, you would think they would not leave their child home alone and make sure he gets on the right plane but I guess that is what needs to happen to start the antics over and over again. In all seriousness these two movies are amazing, I seriously couldn’t live without them. I don’t know which movie is better, 1 or 2? Both movies have just the right amount of antics for the whole family. I purposely didn’t talk about the 3rd and the 4th movie because they honestly aren’t worth watching. I mean I can tolerate the 3rd movie but the 4th? No thanks.

3. The Santa Claus:

Tim Allen stars as a father who inadvertently kills Santa on Christmas Eve and of course turns into the new Santa Claus, I mean why not? This movie is cheesy and silly and is pretty much the only Tim Allen movie I can tolerate (he isn’t my favorite actor). This movie is the type of movie every parent / child / adult can relate to.

4. Jingle All The Way:

Well how could I leave this movie out? This movie is a reminder of how crazy adults get when it comes to the holidays and needing to buy that one item for their child, the one item that they should’ve bought months ago but just neglected to do so. I have loved this cheesy Christmas movie since I was a kid and will always love it. This movie reminds of how much people forget the actual meaning of Christmas, it pulls at those heart strings.

5. Frosty the Snowman:

I will forever love this movie, something about this movie makes me smile and feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Who doesn’t love a talking snowman? I do. This movie is such a great movie that everyone should watch at least once.

6. A Charlie Brown Christmas:

This movie has all my favorite misfit children in it. I think everyone at one point has had a Charlie Brown tree. This movie is so adorable, it’s one of those movies you have probably seen over a hundred times. I have always been a Charlie Brown fan to begin with but this particular movie has always been my favorite.

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