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As of the Sony hack there has been a lot of rumors that Sony might be close to striking a deal with Marvel to put Spider-man in the MCU. Great right? everybody said so and then the news broke that if Marvel was to put Spidey in the MCU they would not have Andrew Garfield star as the wall crawler. Now personally speaking I love Andrew as Peter. He has added so many tiny little nuances to his performance that you can tell he puts as much work into the character as he physically can. Yeah The Amazing Spider-man 2" wasn't great but Andrew was still enjoyable in it and really made the character his own. Almost instantly as the news was leaked many fans were saddened. One fan you goes under the alias on youtube as "Seven Web Heads" vocalized his opinion and started the hash tag .

Ever since then the movement as spread like a wild fire. Many people on many social media started using the hastag to show that they support Andrew staying in the roll. An instance of this is that on Friday if you would have searched for on Instagram you would have gotten 96 or so results and most if none for Andrew Garfield. As of writing this right now if you were to search for it you will get over 1100 results.

Many have thought to also use the hashtag in support for him to be in Captain America: Civil War as had been rumored since the titled of Cap 3 was announced.

Twitter has also blew up as if you where to watch this weekend of how many tweets were.....tweeted you would see a large amount as every minute or so you would see 2-3 new tweets using . Also videos have been made or re-titled to fit the movement.

Of course a major player in this movement has been Seven Web Heads. If you don't know him you can see him right here

Do you like Andrew as Spider-man? What do you think of the whole movement? tell me below and check out Seven Web Heads!


Should they find a way to keep Andrew as Spider-man?


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