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I'm very enthusiastic about movies, I love making short films and I hope one day I can make a theatrical release!
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Yesterday our fellow Creator Joshua Etchison wrote an article about his story and how he came to be a Creator for Moviepilot, read it here. Today though, Christina Tenisha had done the same thing, found here. I'm sure many more will be coming soon, but this is my road, my journey to becoming a Creator.

So my story begins the summer of 2013, right around the time when we found out Batman was going to be in the sequel to Man of Steel. I had come home, I went on Facebook to browse and do some other things when a little thing popped up. The heading had said, "Batman confirmed for Man of Steel sequel.". Now there is no doubt that the whole internet was exploding.

But I clicked on the article, and you'll never guess where it took me. Well I'll give you a hint, basically to a similar place that you are now....Insane right? Continuing on... I had read the article, it was talking about how Zach Snyder and WB had confirmed that Batman was going to be in the sequel and that the sequel was slated for 2015. So what was the question on everyone's mind when that came out?

Who will play The Dark Knight? Who will play the Caped Crusader? Who will play... The Batman?

Well everyone started doing fan-cast articles, it was madness I tell you... MAD! You couldn't go anywhere with out one, but I read them all. I wanted to know who people thought should play him, and see if they had matched with mine. But... there was another question, one that burned inside of me... Will Christian Bale reprise his role?

I was so hopeful that he would, I love The Dark Knight trilogy, it is truly fantastic. So everyone was wondering, who will play Batman? Will Bale come back? Do we need a sequel? And this my friends, is how I started writing for Mp.

I started commenting on articles, voicing my opinion, asking people how to write my own article. I had apparently commented on one of Aaron's articles, he told me to click on the little red button and become a contributor(not in those exact words). I thus went through the screening process, I got a hold of Kat Bacon and for some reason, even though I was a contributor, I couldn't post anything. So she said to email her the words for an article and she would go from there.

So after about a month of that, the button started working. I was able to post articles and get my own pictures and everything. But then, everything changed.

The Headlines were everywhere, almost inescapable. The headline was in fact, Ben Affleck cast as Batman. It seemed like the world had skipped a beat, everyone was freaking out. Was he going to ruin it? Is he the next George Clooney? Where is Bale? Everyone was voicing their opinions, it was anarchy.

I had to jump on the bandwagon though, I made an article of why I hated this casting, why Ben Affleck would in Batman. I even started commenting on every Batman article saying, "I hate Ben Affleck." I was crazy back then, and was using a different account so you cant track me down.

I'm pretty sure you all know how long it took for people to settle down and face the fact that Ben Affleck is Batman and we should all stop complaining. And this is where I matured into the writer I am today.

I made a new account, erasing my past immaturity and leaving that behind. I contacted Kat telling her I had a new account and if should would let me start writing, and she did. Thanks Kat! After that I got in contact with a pretty well known Contributor, Evan Lee. He took me under his wing and he gave me all sorts of advice. We still talk, we're little nerds...He's my new Dad.

Now a year later, many articles later, and many writers to talk to, I have gotten farther than I could have thought possible. Its been a glorious year, I hope many more follow. I'm still young, anything is possible.

What did you think of my journey? Go read Joshua's and Christina's as well, those are really something. And I want to know your journey, write an article or comment it below. either way, I want to know.


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