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We we're all shocked at [The Walking Dead](series:201193) season 5 mid-season finale Beth Greene had been killed off! How could the producers do this to us? Surely has we all agree that Beth's storyline hadn't even been fully told and then for them to kill her off just like that! Has to other stories on here and on other forums it has become clear that fans are taking there anger out of the producers and ABC and even signing a petition (i will admit i have signed too), even going to the extent of sending numerous plastic spoons (remember the episode where Beth finds the spoon) to producers in the hopes of them realizing that they have made a huge mistake.

Most fans that want Beth back believe the easiest solution is to make the whole scene a dream. Daryl could be dreaming of her return or Carol could be in a coma in the hospital that’s holding Beth.

It doesn't stop fans though coming up with new theories though and here i will give a fan theory:

remember that scene where Rick is laying out his plan to infiltrate Grady and kill everyone? And then Tyreese and Daryl are like, complete peaceniks and Rick decides to try their plan? What if at that point, Rick started envisioning the entire course of events that are associated with that plan,” the blogger wrote.
“And realizes that ultimately it will end with SOMEONE getting killed? Think about it: if you’re Rick, is that not the one thing you want to avoid? And wouldn’t he play devil’s advocate a bit and assume best case scenario? And when best case scenario involves someone they’re rescuing getting killed, wouldn’t he scrap it?

And goes onto something interesting:

“So here’s what happens. They come out of the hospital, Daryl is carrying Beth, Maggie sees and drops to her knees, close up on Rick, time slows down and then reverses all the way back to Rick laying out the plan and he goes, ‘F**k it, we do it my way.’”

Let me Know what you think does this sound interesting or it just me? comment below

P.S Hope you all like my 1st article :)

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