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Okay, stay with me. I think I may have something here…

But first, the obligatory back story...

Unless you've been sleeping under a rock, you are probably aware of the cyber attacks on Sony Pictures studio recently. A group calling itself Guardians of Peace hacked Sony's secure servers and made public four feature films and a plethora of sensitive emails and documents.

In 2013, the country of South Korea was hit by several Cyber Attacks. The South Korean government believed the attacks originated from their evil neighbors to the north.

You may also be aware of a little film Sony made. The movie is titled [The Interview](movie:900924). The comedy stars Seth Rogen and James Franco as two bumbling television personalities who agree to help the CIA assassinate the leader of North Korea, Kim Jung-Un, when that country's leader agrees to an interview.

The North Korea in the movie is the same North Korea that allegedly Cyber Attacked South Korea in 2013.

Still with me?

On December 4th, the North Korean government released a statement claiming that they were not responsible for the attacks on Sony Pictures. However, CNN and other sources are now reporting that North Korea was indeed behind the attack on Sony.

So what does this have to do with Spider-Man, you ask? Cool – you're still with me.

Speculation Time!

me thinking...
me thinking...

Due to the terror threats made against some theater chains scheduled to release The Interview, Sony decided on December 17th not to release the film. According to Wikipedia, the movie cost $44 million to make. Sure, when it comes to Hollywood, that isn't a lot of money, but it's money Sony probably won't get back. Also consider the fact that by not releasing the film, Sony is losing out on tons of revenue from ticket sales, merch, etc. In truth, this is a still-breaking news story. We really don't know how great the financial hit on Sony Pictures might be in the end. It could potentially bankrupt the studio. Yes, it's a stretch, but at this point, anything is possible.

What's Sony to do? Facing bankruptcy or not, the studio will do what any other financially-strapped corporation does – it will start selling off their assets to try and regain what was lost. One particular property they currently hold is the rights to the Spider-Man character. Unless I am mistaken, I believe there is a movie studio out there actively looking for ways to acquire those rights.

In the end, Spidey swings back in the waiting arms of Marvel Studios, the fans rejoice, and we all live happily ever after. Okay its only speculation, but it could happen. If it did, in a weird twisted way, we may have a dictator to thank. Scary.


What do you think? Could Sony's loss be Marvel's gain?


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