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Shaun Oldfield

Are you one of the hundreds of thousands of people who think North Korea is bluffing? Yeah, a cyber attack is one thing, but a '911 style' attack on a theater is something completely different.

After this announcement that Sony had no plans on releasing it to any cinema any time soon, rumors surfaced that the film would go straight to VOD (Video on Demand). That seemed the only way Sony would be able to make money off the film, because of the millions spent making it and promoting it.

NO! Sony have released a statement that 'The Interview' is DEAD! They've buckled to a power hungry, short marshmallow man (Yes, I am anti N.K). I understand that if they did release it, and something DID happen, they would have had prior knowledge of something catastrophic happening and didn't act on it. But really, it just goes to show if you hurt someones feelings enough, they'll chuck an international tantrum.

What do I think will happen? The film will be leaked. Can't stop a leak! If they're not going to release it and make money off of it, then leak it. Give it away for free. Then we can see Little Kim burst into skittles.


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